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Egyptian Civilization Resources

sphinx.jpg (3217 bytes)There are dozens of excellent Internet resources pertaining to the world of ancient Egyptian civilization and those sites listed here are only starting points for future research. The Egyptian Book of the Dead is available from Exploring Ancient World Cultures at Evansville. The Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago is home to ABZU: Regional Index -- Egypt. And NOVA has put together a solid presentation on that most visible aspect of ancient Egypt, Pyramids: The Inside Story.

Other Resources
Absolute Egyptology 
Digital Mummies: Ancient Pharaohs on the Net

Duke Papyrus Archive (Special Collections Library, Duke University)
Great Pyramid: The Pyramid of Khufu
Life in Ancient Egypt (Carnegie Museum of Natural History Exhibitions)
Medicine in Ancient Egypt (Indiana)
The Pyramids: Design and Construction
Tour Egypt (Egyptian Ministry of Tourism)
University of Memphis Institute of Egyptian Art and Archeology
Women and Gender in Ancient Egypt: From Prehistory to Late Antiquity (Michigan)

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