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Russian Revolution Resources

Russian history in general is particularly well-represented on the Internet. Websites dedicated to the Russian Revolution, however, are far fewer in number. While what follows is far from an exhaustive list, there are enough websites here to at least get you going on more advanced research on the events of 1917. Here you will find a variety of links to primary sources, pages dedicated to the House of Romanov, e-texts, as well as interpretative essays on the Revolution itself.

Lenin, The April Theses (1917)
Lenin, Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism (1916)
Lenin, Socialism and War (1915)
Lenin, State and Revolution (1917)
Lenin, Testament (1922)
Trotsky, In Defense of the Russian Revolution
Trotsky, The History of the Russian Revolution
Trotsky, The Permanent Revolution (1924)

The Revolution
Anarchism and the Russian Revolution

The Kronstadt Uprising (Spartacus)
Lunacharsky's "Revolutionary Silhouettes"
Museum of Communism (George Mason)
Russian Revolution Chronology
Russian Revolution Links

General Russian History, 1881-1920
Alexander Palace Time Machine

Chronology of Russian History (Bucknell)
Mikhail Alexndrovich Romanov
Russian and East European Network Information Center (Texas)
Soviet Archives Exhibit

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