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Industrial Revolution Resources

spinning_jenny.jpg (7296 bytes)The Industrial Revolution is not that well-represented online. While the resources listed here only point to avenues of further research on the Internet, the student interested in the vast changes that the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century set in motion would do well to consult their library for further information. I have listed a bibliography for those works which have been of enormous help in my own research.

The excellent site at Spartacus Educational has an enormous range of resources -- here you will find pages on John Kay, Richard Arkwright, carding, the power loom, the flying shuttle and a general resource on the textile industry. Rochester has an etext version Thomas H. Marshall's 1925 biography of James Watt. See also an Overview of the Industrial Revolution as well as a lesson plan on the Plight of Women's Work in the Early Industrial Revolution in England and Wales. Paul Halsall has put together an excellent set of Industrial Revolution Links.


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